22nd Book Panel

Time Topic Location
10.00 A&R by numbers Social media figures vs gut feeling Position A
11.00 Opening Keynote Speech by CS Joe Mucheru Ministry of ICT Ocean Stage
12.00 „The DIY artist“ Do labels push artists in a DIY situation ? Position A
13:00 Press Conference M 5 Entertainment Label Launch M 5 / Nation Media Group Ocean Stage
14:00 Blockchain – The Holy Grail does blockchain technology solve the Royalty distribution problems ? Position A
15:00 Keynote Speech by Vladimir Fillipov (Heaven 11) Ocean Stage
16:00 „Pro rata vs user centric model“ streamine income distribution at a turning point ? Position A
17:00 Keynote Speech by Misaki Iki, Head of Business Dev. Line Music Coporation (Japan) Ocean Stage
20:00 Label Launch Party M5 Entertainment / Nation Media Ocean Stage

23rd Book Panel

Time Topic Location
10.00 Are Publishers the main force in Artist Development ? Position A
11.00 Keynote speech by Danny Murica, Managing Director of TRACE East Africa Ocean Stage
12.00 Release Strategies & Marketing in The Streaming Age Position A
13.00 Keynote speech by Ralph Boege, Managing Director of Paradise Music Distribution Ocean Stage
14.00 New Ideas in the Live-Entertainment Biz.
How to reach an „event-audience“ ?
Position A
15.00 Keynote Speech by Johannes Cordes, Sen. VP of Bitfury Surround Ocean Stage
16.00 One Africa – One Marktet or many ? Position A
17.00 Keynote Speech by Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of the Kenyan Film Classification Board Ocean Stage
20.00 TRACE Party t.b.c. Ocean Stage

24th Book Panel

Time Topic Location
10.00 Worldwide digital distribution - more than just creating availibility ? Position A
11.00 Keynote speech by Colin Gayle, President of African Creative Agency Ocean Stage
12.00 Motown, Def Jam, Logic, Island Where did the label brands go ? Position A
14.00 Interaction between the Recorded music market and Live-Entertainment – does the streaming age affect the ticket sales ? Position A
15.00 Keynote Speech by Edward Sigei, Executive Director of the Kenya Copyright Board Ocean Stage
16.00 Exclusive Deals with Spotify & co. - Do or Don't ? Position A

25th Book Panel

Time Topic Location
10.00 Analytics – how do numbers change the Live Entertainent market and the international release strategies ? Position A
12.00 Netflix, Amazon Prime & Co - is synch the new heavyweight in the income stream mix ? Position A
14.00 Festivals – Pro and Con Is the hype over ? Position A
15.00 Keynote Speech by CS Amina C. Mohamed from the Ministry of Sports, Culture & Arts Ocean Stage
16.00 Africa, India, China – the emerging markets and the problems of access Position A
20.00 Offical Closing Party @ Nikki Beach Mombasa (tbc) Ocean Stage