Information Page

Welcome to Music Moves!

Music Moves is the new international music conference for the digital age!

Times are changing and music conferences should go with the times...
This means:

  • No more: expensive conference tickets
  • No more: overpriced drinks/food like 10€/beer
  • No more: boring and useless panels
  • No more: bad weather
MUSIC MOVES takes place at the Pride Inn Paradise Beach Resort, a beautiful 5 star beach resort located directly at the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean. In January we will have splendid weather with approx. 30°C.

MUSIC MOVES will bring together the most influential music industry players from around the globe as well as entrepreneurs with fresh ideas to exchange new concepts, discover brand new talent and accelerate the shaping of the most interesting part on the African continent.

The two main topics of MUSIC MOVES are:
- The Music business in the digital age
- Emerging markets

Instead of the typical boring panels MUSIC MOVES offers so called “round-table-meetings” where our participants can discuss certain topics and exchange experiences and know-how. Companies have the opportunity to present their services during such “round-table-meetings” and give our participants a deeper insight in their business and provide information in Q & A sessions.

For the best results and experiences these “round-table-meetings” will be open for a limited number of participants only and can be booked in advance via our homepage. Some of the topics scheduled for the “round-table-meetings” are:

  • Release strategies & marketing in the streaming age
  • A&R by numbers – relying on social media figures instead of gut feeling
  • Does block chain technology solve the royalty distribution problems in the digital age?
  • Emerging markets – Africa, India, Middle East, China
  • Distribution of streaming royalties – Pro rata vs User Centric Model
  • New opportunities through Netflix, Amazon Prime and alikes?
  • Did record labels push artists in a DIY situation?
  • Is Hip Hop a domestic phenomena?
  • How can songwriters survive in the streaming business?
  • Is classical music dead?
  • Where did the label brands go?
  • Is the festival hype over?
  • New ideas in the live entertainment biz – how to reach an “event audience”
  • Does the streaming business kill the live entertainment market ?

Of course the role of Africa as the second-biggest continent and the enormous increase of interest in the African music markets will also be a big subject of the conference. African music can now be heard in all corners of the globe as well as Africans have access to international music though their smartphones. The technological development has changed the landscape of the global music market significantly and made Africa one of the most-promising new markets.

Music Moves will also set up an international songwriting camp during the conference. Interested songwriters/publishers can contact us at: Labels are kindly asked to send in song leads.

In addition to the conference we are also planning to set up a live music festival for the public from 22nd-25th of January 2020. Due to outstanding approvals from the authorities and pending negotiations with the artists we can’t confirm the Music Moves festival yet, but we will keep everyone updated. Off course our participants will have free access to the festival with the Music Moves badge.

Despite all the data-driven and digital business, the music business is still a people’s business. Music Moves wants to encourage the participants to communicate with each other and spend a great time in Mombasa and returning home with fresh ideas and new motivation.