Time Topic Location
10.00 "A&R by numbers" - social media figures vs. gut feeling Position A
12.00 "The DIY-artist" - Does labels push artists in a DIY situation Position A
14.00 "Blockchain - the holy grail?" - does blockchain technology solve the royalty distribution problem in the digital age Position A
16:00 "Pro rata vs user-centric model" - streaming income distribution at the turnaround ? Position A


Time Topic Location
10.00 "Release strategies & marketing in the streaming age" Position A
12.00 "Publishers - the main force in artist development ?" Position A
14.00 "New ideas in the live Entertainment biz" - How to reach an event audience? Position A
16:00 "One Africa ?" - The African music market - one market or how many ? Position A


Time Topic Location
10.00 Does streaming give classical music a new international upwind ? Position A
12.00 "Exclusive Deals" - are exclusive deals with streaming services - yes or no ? Position A
14.00 "Motown, Def Jam, Logic, Island…"- what happed to the label brands ? Position A
16:00 How does streaming affect the live entertainment market ? Position A


Time Topic Location
10.00 "Africa, India, China" - the emerging markets, problems with the market access Position A
12.00 "Netflix, Amazon Prime & more" - Does the new services make "Synch" to a more relevant income stream ? Position A
14.00 "Is Hip-Hop a domestic phenomena ?" - Why hip hop music rarely crosses borders Position A
16:00 "Festivals - is the hype over ?" Position A